Ryan Scottie is a drummer singer/songwriter from Chicago who now lives in Los Angeles. Ryan is an passionate Yoga Instructor and also works as a songwriter and video editor.

Along with the creation and production side of music Ryan has also been a part of a number of different performance acts both original music and corporate cover bands. While he specializes in drumming he also has experience in piano, guitar, voice, video, and freelance design.

"Story telling art can take place in a multitude of mediums and it's because of that, that I feel compelled to explore all methods to further expand my expressive abilities"


Devon Kay & The Solutions CHICAGO, IL

Cold Weather Kids LOS ANGELES, CA

Musical Career


non active

2006 - 2012 Whispered Hallows - Drummer/Singer

2007-2013 Columbia College Chicago Music Degree

2011 - 2013 Glass Castles - Guitarist/Singer

2013 - 2018 Green Fourteen - Guitarist/Singer/Video

2018 - 2019 Water District - Bassist/Singer


est2019. Cold Weather Kids - Singer, Bassist, Pianist

est2010. Devon Kay & The Solutions - Drummer/Singer

est2018. IAMGENRE - Drummer



2017 - Occupants Of The Sound (self titled EP)

2018 - Jacob Horn Trio (Why Though?)

2018 - Where Legends Are Destined (self titled EP)

2019 - Devon Kay & The Solutions (Yes I Can't)

Video Career

In college I got really into the idea of making my own music videos for the bands I was in. I did get the chance to do this once and also produce I couple other videos for different artists.

Visual Art Career

Though music is my main endeavor I do also work in various mediums of visual media. I've had experience in story-boarding, graphic design, and animation.

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